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Sat Apr 19 16:10:23 EDT 2003

In <001201c30682$355f50a0$2d7886d9 at CharliePC>, Charles Butler wrote:
>For my money - just to be self-contradictory a la Walt Whitman - the best
>recent DWJ cover is the Fire and Hemlock, where the collage is at least
>rather clever. Or possibly Time of the Ghost.

The sad thing is that the book *Fire and Hemlock* was called that
because of a photograph series of that name, one print from which DWJ
bought on the fringe of the Edinburgh Festival about thirty years ago;
and by the time she wrote the book, the sticker on the back of the print
giving the artist's name and address had peeled off and she has never
been able to remember it except that it was 'Mc-something'!

So the book ought to have that picture for its cover, but it never can
because she doesn't know who owns the copyright.

(I suppose the artist doesn't happen to be on this list?  Oh well, it
was worth a try.)

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