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> Well, this is all very confusing. I wonder if the list in Ian's copy
> (Canadian, right?) differs from that printed in the UK and elsewhere.
> Because the 2-vol version of the Chrestomanci books, at least (the ones
> with the cats on the covers) aren't sold here in England, so presumably
> wouldn't be listed. And maybe these books ARE all published by HC in
> North America. The Dalemarks are OUP here, but that's no reason why HC
> couldn't have bought the North American rights. We need more data. Can
> anyone with a UK copy have a quick look at the list and see if it
> matches?

	Hello! My name's Anna, early thirties, live in London, and I've
loved DWJ's books since I was a small child. I joined this list a week or
two ago & I've been lurking since, but I do have a UK Merlin Conspiracy &
have put its Other Titles list below. It *does* include Hexwood, but still
omits Deep Secret... very odd! All I can imagine is that DWJ, or some
random publisher, decided that children ought not even be tempted to read
an adult novel. I can't think of anything in Deep Secret, though, that
would upset a child with the will & vocabulary to read it...


Chrestomanci Series
Charmed Life*
The Magicians Of Caprona*
Witch Week*
The Lives Of Christopher Chant*
Mixed Magics*

Black Maria*
A Tale Of Time City*
Howl's Moving Castle*
Castle In The Air*
THe Homeward Bounders
Archer's Goon*
Eight Days Of Luke
Power Of Three
Wilkin's Tooth
Stopping For A Spell

For Older Readers
Fire And Hemlock
The Time Of The Ghost

For Younger Readers
Wild Robert

*Also available on tape

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