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> From: Elizabeth Evans [mailto:er.evans at auckland.ac.nz]
> In fact, I am going to read Garth Nix now, even though I might never have
> discovered him if it hadn't been for the list. I'm the sort 
> of person who doesn't mind reading spoilers - they don't spoil the story 
> for me at all, and they often whet my appetite for it.

I hope you like them (bet you will).
I'm hardly ever bothered by spoilers, as well- it's usually only if a story
depends on a twist that knowing about it spoils it. I prefer re-reading to
reading for the first time, quite often. My SO says he can't understand how
I can read the end of books and then start them- I hardly ever do that
(honest), I'm more often reading a bit from the middle to see if I like the
author's style. I did sneak a peek at the end of Abhorsen [No spoiler <g>]
when I read one of the plot points, just to see if it came out OK, because
if I'm reading in a feverish "want to finish it to find out what happens"
way I don't enjoy it as much as a more leisurely read, but I don't often do

> Other authors whom I now love but would maybe never have come 
> across if it had not been for the list are Connie Wills and Lois McMaster

I think over the last couple of years a good half of the new authors I've
tried have been entirely or partly because of recs from this list, and I've
enjoyed all of them. I've just sent off an order for some books, including a
Martha Wells, so I'll see if the record holds up :) I'll probably be
recommending one of the others to the list after I've read it- everyone on
alt.fan.pratchett seems to love it- but I'll wait and actually try it first!
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