Justifiable homicide?

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Apr 16 00:16:05 EDT 2003

>reason to be at all annoyed.
> >
> > May I kill her?
>It depends.  How far is it to the bookstore?

Takes an hour or so on weekdays, on Sunday, which this was, it could take 
90 minutes or more, because of the vagaries of the bus.

>And did she actually know it was in when you were there, or did somebody
>hand her a pile of books and tell her to call the people who had ordered

She's the manager/owner of the children's section. The store, McNally 
Robinson, is kind of a conglomerate of independent sellers with some 
strange relationship I don't want to understand. Her minion is actually 
much more clued in to the whole book ordering thing, but she is the boss. 
Since it was Sunday, I am dubious about the "books suddenly arrived" theory.

>And is the store computerized?

Yes. Not entirely sure she understands the computer thing, since I had a 
big discussion/argument with her about another book her assistant ordered 
for me. Boss phoned me and said it wasn't available. I said, according to 
the publisher it is, check again. So she calls back and says it isn't 
available in paperback, I said I knew that and had asked for a hardback. 
She said, Oh, well the publisher is sold out, it will be available in 3-4 
weeks. The book came in the next day. This incident is why I bothered to 
ask/nag about Merlin Conspiracy. The thing that makes me want to kill her, 
is that she didn't apologise for her snippy attitude, nor did she in any 
way acknowledge that it might be annoying for her to say that the book had 
arrived after being so positive it wasn't there, less than an hour before.


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