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Melissa wrote:

> On re-reading _Lirael_ I was more annoyed by the length.  There are at
> two books crammed in there, and while I see the need to present both Sam
> Lirael as fully-developed characters, and the problem this creates when
> are physically separated for most of the book, I still spent a lot of time
> trying to figure out how the thing could have been separated properly.

The length of _Lirael_ didn't bother me. I actually enjoyed the way the two
characters have room to explore who they are without too much happening. (I
know you're not saying that the lack of action annoyed you exactly-just
trying to explain why its structure or lenght didn't bother me).

> The thing I decided when I finished _Abhorsen_ is that I would like to
> more about these characters, but not in the sense of wanting a sequel.  I
> liked the people enough that I wished some of the other things that
> to them could be told.  And, yes, I would also want to read about their
> lives later on, like just how Sabriel and Lirael learn to be sisters, and
> forth.  Or something from the Ancelstierre side of things.  They were good
> characters.

Yes, I feel the same way on all points!

>Something in the middle of _Lirael_ clued me in to the fact that Nick and
>Lirael were going to have some kind of romantic connection.  I think it was
>probably the vision she had of him.  That made Nick's death a little
>surprising, but it all worked out very well--not a bit contrived, I felt.

Yes, I picked up something like that, too. As you say, it was in that
vision, where she feels peculiarly tender towards him. And I agree about
Nick's death. It *almost* felt too pat, and might have been, if handled
differently, but as it was, it felt just right.

> Anyway, overall it felt like a satisfying ending--however, I felt the same
> way about _Sabriel_.  If Nix ever does set any more books in this world, I
> wonder what he would write about?  He sure does the cataclysmic
> end-of-the-world thing well....

I found the end very satisfying also. I'd like to read more about Lirael and
Nick, and Lirael and Sabriel.


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