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Sat Apr 12 01:17:43 EDT 2003

> >  > --- Charles Butler
> >>  <hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk> wrote:
> >>  > Anyone come across a new book by Holly Black called
> >>  > 'Tithe'? From the blurb
> >>  > I read it's not quite a Tam Lin retelling, but it is
> >>  > faerie-related and -
> >>  > well, with a name like that, it can't be that far
> >>  > off. But I'd never heard
> >  > > of this author, who I think is American.
> >
> >I've been on the lookout for this book also because it got a very
> >review in Locus a couple of months back. And Charles de Lint made some
> >hightly favourably comments about it in recently, in _SF and F Magazine_,
> >IIRR, so I can see why he might have been plugging it. I haven't seen a
> >anywhere here yet.
> Hope it doesn't turn out like _Eccentric Circles_, Ros!  It sounds
> well worth checking out though, hope it's not only in print in the US.
> Hallie.

Most books seem find their way here one way or another--sometimes in
secondhand bookshops--so I hope it'll turn up eventually. But yes, there's
always the chance that a book that comes highly recommended will turn out to
be a bit of a dud. I haven't always been crazy about books recommended in
Locus, so if I can find this book, I'll only buy it if it's inexpensive. I
might be able to find it in the library...


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