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Thu Apr 10 22:27:56 EDT 2003

When I first asked my book review editor if I could be the reviewer for
Merlin Conspiracy, she told me that she had already promised it to
another reviewer.  And when everybody on this list started talking about
"look how lucky we are, here in England, or Australia, or where ever, we
get Merlin Conspiracy weeks before you fools in America", I started to
get a little disgruntled.  But yay!

I'm visiting Tennessee right now, at the MTSU children's literature
conference.  After a registered, Allen and I went into a pretty nice
used bookstore in Nashville (Bookman/Bookwoman), and browsed for ages.
As I was leaving their children's section Allen said, "not bad, huh?
And look, they have a reviewer's copy of Merlin Conspiracy."  I don't
think he's ever seen anybody spin around that fast.

So I'm about to start it.  Woo hoo!

deborah at suberic.net
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