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Cat burned one of his lives by striking a match from the matchbook. 
So he didn't burn to death, but he burnt a death, I suppose.
And much more painful for him than having one of his lives used to turn the violin into a cat.

I read the article on line, and then my mother sent me the clipping. Sad to report that DWJ doesn't look in the best of health. Maybe the photographer told her not to smile?


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> Anyone seen this article? It came out on Saturday.
> http://enjoyment.independent.co.uk/books/interviews/story.jsp?story=393990

Thanks for the heads up, Lisa.  I had a look on the web, and then when I got
home, dug out Saturday's Independent Magazine and tracked it down, complete with
an almost full page picture of Diana, looking older than my mother (she's
actually 2 years younger) :-(

But Why, o why, this constant harping on about Rowling in every article about

(I'm also not sure of the accuracy of some of the article.  I don't remember
anyone getting burnt in Charmed Life, for example)

In the one column remaining on the page with the photo was another interesting
article, about the state of the children's book market, which claimed that the
size of the market was not actually significantly bigger than previous years,
despite the Rowling hype - Rowling has been gaining market share at the expense
of other writers.  Ugh.


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