The Merlin Conspiracy - time stood still... (no spoilers)

Neil Ward neilward at
Wed Apr 9 12:32:08 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking beyond lurkdom here for a while, but
I am currently halfway through “The Merlin Conspiracy”
and loving it.  

I was having a restless night last night and, at 5am,
decided to sit up and read TMC for a while.  “I’ll read
for half an hour,” I thought to myself. After a while,
I checked my watch and it said 5.23am.  I could have
sworn it had been nearly that the previous time I
looked, so I checked my alarm clock.  It read 6.05am. 
My watch had stopped.

Later that day, a work colleague noticed that I'd
changed watches.  When I explained what had happened
and showed her my stopped watch, she said, “That’s
funny - *my* watch stopped at 5.11am this morning.
That’s eerily close to the same time!”

What's even more eery, and what she didn’t know, is
that I keep my watch and all my clocks running 12
minutes fast, so my watch *had* stopped at 5.11am.

I like the idea of being frozen in time and coincidence
while reading DWJ.  It seems just right.


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