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I just  wanted to comment on the music of it, which is great--done by a
> named Yoko Kanno.

*grin* A topic I can sink myself into. Kanno Yoko's  a great composer and
her songs are great - especially if the vocals are by Sakamoto Maaya. She
did the music for many animes, but my favourite work from her remains that
from Escaflowne.

 So thinking about this has me thinking about the
> possible movie score to "Howl;" I'm really hoping that it will be done by
Hisaichi Jo, who did the music for "Mononoke Hime" and whose soundtrack to
> the Japanese film "Kikujiro no Natsu" (American release is just "kikujiro"
is one of my favorite things right now.

As commented by Christian in another mail, I don't think we have to worry.
MIyazaki always works with Hisaishi.

  This is  true in another anime series called Noir; the music was also a
big part of  the first LotR film to me.  So!  Any thoughts on what Howl
music should sound like?

I loved the music in Noir - have you listened to the music in .hack//sign?
It's by the same composer and the music's gotten even better.


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