Lyra's Oxford

christian nutt ferricide at
Sun Apr 6 17:44:24 EDT 2003

>From: "johanna" Huh. Here's another article about it:
>I'm a little worried... it sounds like it could be fun, but yeah, it
>sounds a little heavy on the marketing aspect (perhaps he was thinking of
>Rowling's Quidditch books or whatnot?).

no way. i mean, it sounds like it's being made for profit, sure, but it 
sounds like a great little set. it's the kind of thing i like to buy. stuff 
why this is always why i like anime goods, they're much more clever than the 
marketed goods you'll get in the US. this sounds more in line with the kind 
of thing i'd like to pick up... depending on how well it's done. i wonder if 
it'll come to the US?


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