Abhorsen discussion

Kyla Tornheim kyla at merlin.sccs.swarthmore.edu
Sat Apr 5 02:15:06 EST 2003

Oh, good! I was just going to ask Ros (as the only other person I could
remember who said "wait! stop!") if she'd finished reading _Abhorsen_ too.
And she has! If anyone on this list can think of any reason why we should
not start our Abhorsen discussion, let him speak now (or, you know,
soonish, 'cause it's the middle of the night in the US).

(There's nothing quite like the elation of finding a book on the library
shelves when you think all copies of it are going to be out or on hold for
weeks and weeks, but then you find that one single copy is listed as being
"available" in the computer catalog, and you go rushing upstairs to the
young adult hardcover section, where your hopes are cruelly dashed by not
finding anything under "Nix," until you remember that wait! there's
another place you could look! the recommended books shelves! and wouldn't
this be a recommended book? and you rush back and there it is and you
swoop down on it and clutch it and pray that the librarian won't snatch it
away and say "no, no, this was a mistake, it should be on hold for someone
else." Whew. Because that's what happened. And I finished it yesterday
afternoon because I came home sick from work.)

Good-bye. I am leaving because I am bored.
       --George Saunders' dying words

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