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Melissa said...
> A side effect of this is that I very rarely see the purpose of
> using present tense.

Well, I've only written one (short) story in the present tense, but there is
a very good reason for it: the narrator would never, ever tell that story
after the fact, as the person he is at the end of the story would not want
anyone to know the events detailed in the story.  So he had to tell it as it
happens to him.

When I finish rewriting the thing and manage to sell it, I'll tell you all,
and you can tell me if it worked. :-)

But that's one reason for using present tense (admittedly, in conjunction
with 1st person).

Katharine Kerr's "Polar City Blues" is told in 3rd present, but it's so long
since I read it (10 years or more!) that I can't recall if the narrative
seems to demand present tense or not.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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