Merlin Conspiracy out early in the UK,

Ven vendersleighc at
Fri Apr 4 12:37:35 EST 2003

I have my copy now. Even before I read a word I
knew this book was magic! I'm still being plagued
by sciatica and it's very susceptible to stress,
something like watching the news, or hearing my
cats fighting off an intruder while I'm trying to
get to sleep, produces an all too perceptible
increase of pain due to the tightening of muscles
that really ought to know better (my physio says
the spasming is an attempt at self protection).
Anyhow I limped all the way from the bus stop to
the bookshop with my left leg not behaving well
at all, picked up the Merlin Conspiracy from the
counter, turned to look at the shelves and the
leg was working perfectly! Magic! It has to be
said that with the warmer weather (talking
nightime temps here) it's been improving all week
and it was probably down to a massive rush of
anticipatory endorphins but, nonetheless, magic!

I've now read the first couple of chapters out in
the garden before breaking off to do some
I'm really happy, hope everyone else waitng for a
copy gets theirs soon.


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