Doom Patrol

Tanaqui tweaver at
Thu Apr 3 20:13:43 EST 2003

This is a reply to something from mid-March (still clearing old emails from
last time the list went very active):

+ No, YOU'D better like it, or I'm mailing you a big scarlet A to wear on your
+ sinning bosom.  Hey, Scarlet Harlot rhymes!  Sounds like a superheroine for
+ the twenty-first century.  But my innocent soul balks at determining what
+ her powers might be.

Grant Morrison wrote about 50 issues of the comic _Doom Patrol_ back in the
20th century. One of the team members was Crazy Jane, who was supposed to
have 64 distinct personalities, each with its (not necessarily "her") own
superpower. The Scarlet Harlot put in a brief appearance, and her skills were
positively detrimental to the team's agenda.
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