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Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Wed Apr 2 20:51:13 EST 2003

>I can (and do) mispronounce half the dictionary
>because my post-primary education (such as it is) came almost entirely from
>the written word. 
Oh, thank goodness, another one! I did actually have an excessive amount 
of post-primary education, but mathematics isn't very useful in general 
conversation; I can prounounce  the name of the guy who proved the Fixed 
Point Theorem, but try to work that into conversation some time. And 
hardly anybody wants to hear my list of how mathematicians, physicists, 
engineers, computer programmers and software marketers prove that all 
odd numbers are prime.

Instead, I get caught out on things like gesso, which for years I 
mentally pronounced as GUESS-oh until somebody pointed out that it was 
an Italian word.

Steve, like me, has a much larger reading than speaking vocabulary, so 
we are constantly having exchanges like,

"Oh, is that how you pronounce Ashurbanipal?"
"Well, it's how *I* prounounce it....who knows about the rest of the world?"

Margaret Ball

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