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> Subject: Re: Favourite segues
> I'd like to nominate a candidate for worst; ER
> Eddison's "The worm ouroborus" (an otherwise excellent
> book) where the fantasy world (mercury iirc) is
> entered through a dream by a central character who is
> completely forgotten after about 50 pages. An
> achievement surely unique in literature.

Hardly! If I remember correctly, the viewpoint character in _A Voyage to 
Arcturus_  by David Lindsay actually








DIES before the end of the book, and the author continues merrily describing 
along, having completely forgotten (it seemed to me) that he had been writing 
from that character's point of view. But it's ages since I read it and I 
won't claim that I really understood what was going on, anyway.

Helen Schinske
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