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Sally Odgers sodgers at dodo.com.au
Wed Apr 2 09:03:46 EST 2003

> > I like the kind of segue (which I've only ever heard pronounced SEEG)
> What!?  You can't possibly pronounce it Seeg!  It's Italian (I think) for
> "Follow", and is a musical term - it means follow straight on into the
> piece.

Well actually, I can. I can (and do) mispronounce half the dictionary
because my post-primary education (such as it is) came almost entirely from
the written word. Thus I read and understand, but usually have no verbal
model for pronouncing things. Unless I count newsreaders, who may be just as
shaky on some words as I am. (Cor, they even think a summit is something
Heads of State do. Even *I* know it's really the top of a mountain.)

You can't imagine (or can you?) how difficult it is in Eddicated Company...
without the verbal model (as aforesaid) and without a good understanding of
phonetics, all I can do is look at precedents. Thus segue appears to share
elements with fatigue and fugue.

Now tell me those two words are pronounced as Fatty-way and Fug-way.  I dare

However, I have noted that Nimue (whom I always assumed was pronounced
Nim-Mew) is (according to Sam Neill when in persona as Merlin) Nim-oo-way.
Therefore, fatigue is possibly supposed to be Fat-oo-way while Fugue may
well be Fug-oo-way... sounds like air freshener.

Obligatory DWJM? Polly's spelling in Fire and Hemlock was every bit as bad
as my pronouncing. Right?


P.S. How *do* you pronounced "Fugue"?

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