Favourite seques

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 16:52:05 EST 2003

SEGUE. I'd been seeing this word written down for ages before I realised it
was pronounced 'segway'. At which point a lot of things made sense - not
least those adverts at the top of Amazon.com for motorized scooters.

Anyway, now I know what it means I want to use it - a lot. Because it turns
out I've given a lot of thought to segues over the years, without knowing
that's what I was doing. How do fantasy writers get from one
world/perspective to another? Gradually or abruptly? Ambiguously or with an
in-yer-face directness? With or without the aid of polders? The answer is of
course, all of the above - and all can be done well or badly (I wouldn't
like to choose between Alice's Looking Glass and the shadowy filters and
overlaps of F&H, different as they are). I'm sure there's room here for
another interesting taxonomic adventure, but for now I wonder if any of you
have favourite seques? To tempt you in, I'll suggest the one that straddles
chapters 7 and 8 of Time of the Ghost where


the 'maggot' turns into Sally's bandaged foot, seven years on. I love that
because it gets so much done so quickly and effectively. And it fooled me
completely first time round.


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