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Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk Philip.Belben at eme.co.uk
Tue Apr 1 06:58:27 EST 2003

>|Anyone else name their cars?  (I like Marjorie particularly, Philip.)  We've

Marjorie was the first of mine to be named for her number plate, MJO 763.  The
previous owner told me he'd called her Mojo, but I didn't think that suited her
at all.

I started giving my cars names that went with the make or model - my Triumph
Stag was called Stephan (I prefer feminine names for cars, but I drew the line
at a feminine name for a Stag!), followed by Anthea (Ford Anglia), Connie (Ford
Consul Cortina) and Marcella (Marcos Mantis).  My first Mercedes was called
Rosmar, after Julian May's character Mercedes Lamballe.  Rosmar died at my hand
:-( only 9 days after I got her.  Her successors, another Merc and then my
current Peugeot, were named after their number plates Tyke (G243 TYK) and
Dominique (P548 DOM) respectively.

Although I give my modern cars names, I find I seldom use them.  The modern cars
have much less character than the old ones, and they don't hold onto names
nearly so well.

(BTW Connie was short for Constance.  She was the least reliable car I've ever

> I grew up with Victor the Volvo, who got pretty old; I remember his Car
> Mitzvah, when he was 13, with embarrassment.  Now I have Argo, the used

Car Mitzvah?  ROFL!

> Saturn.  Next time we need a car -- which shouldn't be for a while, as
> we don't use Argo very frequently, and besides, we live in a ZipCar
> community -- it will probably be a hybrid.  Those are cool.

Hybrid?  I'd really _love_ a Crown Magnetic!  I wonder how many were produced,
and if any of them have survived.  (This was a petrol-electric that I saw
reviewed in a 1922 issue of The Motor.  A very brief web search suggests that
Crown bought about 500 chassis (?) from Owen to do their hybrid mod, but the web
page was in French, so I doubt I extracted all the available information from

> ObDWJ: didn't the car in Deep Secret have a name?  And the bus in Sudden
> Wild Magic?

The Celestial Omnibus certainly had a name.  But I don't remember any of the
cars in DS having names.  Not even that lovely Delmo.

FWIW, my theory about Delmo-Mendacci.

I think that Delmo and Mendacci must have paid a lot of money to Arth to get
motor industry secrets from Earth.  Arth planted a spy with Bugatti Mobili, who
not only stole their best designs, but somehow managed to prevent any of them
getting into production over here.

Why do I think this?  Because Bugatti Mobili produced plenty of prototypes, but
(AFAIK) absolutely no production cars between Ettore Bugatti's death (? mid
1950s) and the collapse of the Arth exploitation racket (early 1990s).  They
then sent a car to the motor shows, bought production facilities from Lotus...
but the damage had been done :-(

Philip, idly speculating...

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