Merlin Conspiracy out early in the UK

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Apr 1 03:28:14 EST 2003

No spoilers, but one odd thing, different chapters use different typefaces,
depending on who is narrating.

That's interesting. It must have been a late decision to do that, because it
wasn't so in the proof copy I got. I see I'm going to have to splash out on
the trade edition after all in case there are any other significant changes!

Re. that Times interview, by the way - I found it very interesting, but
there was one thing I think it got wrong, and as I'm always blowing the
Bristol municipal trumpet... I have it on good authority that the elephant
who did the polka wasn't from London Zoo at all but our own late lamented
Wendy from Bristol Zoo, who died last year. If you want to see a picture of
this now-fictionalized beast, visit


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