Merlin Conspiracy out early in the UK

Macrae-Gibson,R R.Macrae-Gibson at
Tue Apr 1 03:09:58 EST 2003

Well it does seem to be out a week early in the UK at least as I bought a copy yesterday!

I had a day out in Winchester yesterday and low and behold what should be staring out at me as
I went into a bookshop, but the hardback of The Merlin Conspiracy!

For those in the UK this was a branch of Britsh Bookshops/Sussex Stationers, a discount bookshop, which usually sells the most popular titles (Yay! Some good PR for DWJ at last!) I got the hardback for £7.99 (usually £12.99), and when I checked in Waterstones later on, they were selling it with a £3 discount. No sign of the paperback yet.
The collapse of the net book agreement has meant that you can shop around for bargains, although I don't know what effect this has on authors' earnings.

I'm only part way through reading at the moment. No spoilers, but one odd thing, different chapters use different typefaces, depending on who is narrating.


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