Ogres (Was: I Ate'nt Dead)

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Mon Sep 30 04:59:11 EDT 2002

Julie Stampnitzky dreamed lazily into the stars:
>This seems to be a recurring pattern in her books- to have a
>character who seems "ogrish" at first, whom the hero must eventually
>learn to trust. Sometimes counterbalanced by a character whom the
>hero does trust at the beginning, who turns out to be not so nice.
>E.g. Charmed Life, tLoCC, aToTC (Dr. Wilander as the ogre). I can't
>think of any instances of a female 'ogre.'

As a very limited version of the Ogre theory: the Goddess in tLoCC, Estelle 
in WW, and Maree in DS certainly behave in ways that force the respective 
main characters to regard them with great suspicion.  (I'm ignoring for the 
purpose of this theory that half of DS is actually in Maree's POV, and only 
going off how she influences Rupert.)  They're not exactly ogres by any 
standard -- more like ogresses-in-training -- but the same mechanism does 
seem to be at work in miniature.


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