Ogres (Was: I Ate'nt Dead)

Julie Stampnitzky jstamp at netvision.net.il
Sun Sep 29 02:21:07 EDT 2002

On 27 Sep 2002, at 15:11, jackie e stallcup wrote:

> She's also playing with expectations of form, in that because it is
> fantasy, I expected them to unmask his truly ogre-ish past and rid the
> world of him.  But she doesn't let us have this fantasy conclusion (one
> which would possibly appeal to a lot of preteens and teens who dearly
> wish that they could get rid of their "ogrish" parents.) 

This seems to be a recurring pattern in her books- to have a 
character who seems "ogrish" at first, whom the hero must eventually 
learn to trust. Sometimes counterbalanced by a character whom the 
hero does trust at the beginning, who turns out to be not so nice. 
E.g. Charmed Life, tLoCC, aToTC (Dr. Wilander as the ogre). I can't 
think of any instances of a female 'ogre.'


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