Free DWJ for Oz schools

Sally Odgers sodgers at
Thu Sep 26 23:35:29 EDT 2002

> alreadsy have both DWJs (in print form), but may get
> Sally's book. Do you recieve normal royalties for this
> Sally? (and also for your books when they appear on
> Australian Standing Orders - there was one of yours
> last year - I've heard that authors recieve reduced
> royalties from these sales  - although perhaps the
> additional sales make up for it?)

I expect we get reduced royalties, since most titles in the statement seem
to come in at a category *other* than Category 1 (which is the best to
have). However, any sale is welcome. If your school fancies some of my older
(1990s) titles at half price, I can do you a deal (legally, too!)

Get in touch off-list if you're interested.

I've just completed a fantasy called REPLAY... and it's tired I am, bach (as
my sister would say). And now I have to turn my hand to the pile of b&b
stuff that's built up while I was far awaya nd log ago.


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