Fire and Hemlock (tiny spoilers)

Laurie Puszczewicz lpuszcze at
Wed Sep 25 22:19:07 EDT 2002

Hallie wrote, responding to me:
> While I am thinking about it: could some kind soul who has Fire and
> Hemlock fairly close at hand remind me as to the definition Polly
> comes up with for being a hero at th end? I was trying to remember,
> couldn't, and since my copy of F&H is two states away from me at the
> moment, it's driving me nuts!

I have it very close to hand, but I'm not sure when there might be a
for being a hero at the end.  Do you mean the scene in the garden or
before, when
Polly's trying to figure out what to do?


Thank goodness for public libraries. I looked up the quote while I was
there and it isn't really a definition--I didn't quite remember it
correctly--but it is near the end.  Polly remembers something Tom told her
before, that "being a hero means ignoring how silly you feel."  It occurs
when Polly is remebering how Laurel embarrasses her inot saying she will
forget Tom.  Thanks for the offer, Hallie.


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