OT Norman French and Old English

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Wed Sep 25 12:29:44 EDT 2002

Dear Sallyo,

I'd better crawl out of the woodwork. I've just retired as a lecturer in Old 
and Middle English at King's College London, and I was trained to 
postgraduate level in Medieval Latin. (I did teach a special option on 
Children's Fantasy Lit as well, in which DWJ figured large, just to maintain 
my street cred on this august discussion list!).

Although most of my reference books are in a garage in Cambridge and I'm in 
Lancashire right now, I'll send you the necessary basics on the onomastics of 
Aelfthryth _offlist_ (to save boring the pants off everyone else!) , and 
suggest you contact  my old colleague and friend Prof Ian Short of Birkbeck 
College London

 <A HREF="mailto:i.short at french.bbk.ac.uk">i.short at french.bbk.ac.uk</A>   

mentioning the name of Marie Denley as your introduction and asking if there 
is any AN word/compound which might fill this semantic hole (friend/helper).  

If you send me offlist (again to avert the boredom of others) the Latin 
passage too, I'll have a go, and in case of doubt or difficulty I will 
consult my former colleague and friend Robert Ireland, the Medieval Latinist 
of University College London who retired at the same time as me.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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