OT Norman French and Old English

Ania theania at freeuk.com
Wed Sep 25 10:13:52 EDT 2002

> The only things I can remember is that they had a special letter, thorn,
> which is pronounced th, and y is like u, so cyninge (king) is pronounced
> cuninge (the ge is pronounced). So I don't think Aelfrthryth is exactly
> same as Elfrida, its an alternative?  But I could be wrong!
> Michelle

It could be that Elfrida is a Latinized version of Ael- etc.They did stuff
like that when most official writing was in Latin.There must be a good names
book which would have this info; I saw an excellent one published by
Penguin, I think (entitled, imaginatively, sth like The Penguin Bk of
Names). Many name books are full of v. substantial errors; the above is not
one of these.
I doubt my Latin is good enough to translate INTO it, but let's have the
passage! I could try email it to my aunt, who could ask my gran (in Poland),
who is a Latin and Greek scholar and used to be able to converse in Latin
(but she's old and frail and I don't know how her memory is by now). Still,
worth a go.

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