DwJs in other languages

Joe Joe.Nankivell at ucd.ie
Wed Sep 25 08:25:03 EDT 2002

On 23 Sep 2002, at 16:09, Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk wrote:

> Laurie wrote:
> > Harry Potter is available in all four of Spain's official languages,
> > you'd think DWJ could be translated at least inot Spanish...
> Gosh, the things you learn on the list!  I had no idea Spain had four official
> languages.  What are they?  Spanish=Castilian, Catalan, Basque, but what's the
> fourth?
> Philip.

The fourth is galego/gallego/Galician. Some people say it's a 
dialect of Portuguese (including some who speak it) but that 
doesn't acknowledge its regional specificity. 

'Unofficially' there's also whatever that handful of people in Asturias 
speaks (can't remember the name). Plus the whistle language 
used to communicate between villages across gorges in the 
Alpujarras. Plus Gitano? Plus...

Somehow I don't think DWJ has been translated into these tongues 

I returned to Ireland from Spain at 4 this morning, and I checked 
the bookshops while I was there for DWJs. No dice. And the 
Agencia de Cultura doesn't have her on their ISBN database, so 
that seems to prove that she hasn't made it into Spanish yet. What 
a hopeless lot. But Spain has a really rich indigenous kiddielit 
culture, so perhaps they're less dependent on translations.

That's no excuse though. Does anyone have any contacts in 
Spanish publishing houses?

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