OT Norman French and Old English

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Tue Sep 24 23:37:07 EDT 2002

An appeal to all the clever, helpful *scholarly* folks on DWJ...

(1)  Could you tell me how much difference there is between Norman French
and modern French? I have a made-up word "aide ami" which means, roughly,
"helper and friend" but that's made up of modern dictionary components. How
would it be in Norman French? Or, failing that, in Latin?

(2)   The name Aelfthryth is given as an alternative to Elfrida. Does that
imply it is pronounced the same? My talking computer programme says
EEL-thrith, but I think that's just picking up phonetics.

(3)   Any Latin scholars there? I have a (very) short passage I'd like
rendered into Latin, but a dictionary translation wouldn't work well.


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