OT Was anyone else in the uk awake?

Michelle Thomas michellet at thecreativepartnership.co.uk
Tue Sep 24 05:28:02 EDT 2002

On 24/9/02 10:18 am, "Rowland, Jennifer A B" <jennifer.rowland at ic.ac.uk>

> Marie wrote:
>> I just wish I'd been fully awake. I feel cheated of the full experience.
> Surely one 
>> would feel visceral fear if all the waking neurons were firing?
> I was asleep and completely missed it. But I think being frightened depends
> how bad it is- if the ground feels like it's giving way and things are
> falling off shelves, that would be frightening, but something that feels
> like a heavy lorry driving by isn't very. There was a little quake while I
> was in Los Angeles once, and it was over before I realised what it was, and
> no-one was scared of that.
> Jennifer

I slept through the only earthquake in two years of living in Japan.  And
then there was a typhoon warning which was really exciting, school was
cancelled and we had to go home and fill our baths with water and buy loads
of candles and not to go out of the house. Except that when the typhoon came
it was more like a mild storm... I cycled to the video shop without any
mishaps!  Still, I got a day off work.

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