OT Was anyone else in the uk awake?

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> Hi everyone, I've just experienced my first
> earthquake! And it's too late to phone anyone
> here so I'm writing emails about it. I'm quite
> thrilled. I didn't know what it was until the
> news told me just now, but I felt the house shake
> and there was a noise which made me think train?
> very big train? Then it seemed more like a
> regular thumping and I noticed one of my plants
> shaking -- "is it a cat scratching?" I thought, a
> bit confusedly as it would have taken an animal
> the size of my mate's alsation to shake the
> bookcase that much. Afterwards, slightly puzzled
> I went back what I was doing and forgot about it
> til the telly told me what it was! Amazing, so
> that's what they're like (well, teensy weensy
> ones at any rate.)

The first and only exciting thing ever to happen where I live, and I slept
through it.  Typical of my luck, that.

My violin teacher was really tired so she got confused and thought it was
her boiler gone mad, because they'd only just fixed it last month.  So first
thing this morning she phoned up and had a go at the people who'd fixed it.
She didn't realise there'd been an earthquake until later and now she's too
embarassed to phone back and apologise!

Otherwise, someone else said to remind him not to rely on me to wake him up
if there are T-Rexes about...ah, the price of being a heavy sleeper.

ooh, shiny!

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