OT Was anyone else in the uk awake?

Voicebearer at aol.com Voicebearer at aol.com
Mon Sep 23 02:22:55 EDT 2002

Well, half awake and drifting!  I thought it was a dream at first.  Then I 
realised it reminded me of the one which shook me from my 
nearly-time-to-get-up doze in Liverpool in the mid 80s ... somewhere between 
7 and 8 in the morning if I rightly remember ...that same feeling of 
unreality, of not being sure one's sleepy senses had reported aright. So I 
turned the local radio on, and within a few minutes, sure enough, it was 
being reported. I just wish I'd been fully awake. I feel cheated of the full 
experience. Surely one would feel visceral fear if all the waking neurons 
were firing?

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