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Fri Sep 20 21:28:48 EDT 2002

Lizzie asked:
Is anyone else buying DWJ books in other languages?  I think it's
because I already have at least one copy of everything in English. . .
I've now got Charmed Life in Italian (Vita Stregata) and my best
friend (currently abroad in Japan) has instructions to find me DWJ

I bought "Fire and Hemlock" in German when I was in Darmstadt two
years ago.  My German isn't good enough yet for me to read it, but
someday maybe...To the best of my knowledge, there are no Spanish
versions of any of the DWJ books, either here in the US or in Spain (I
know because I looked.Hard. Several years in a row.) Considering that
Harry Potter is available in all four of Spain's official languages,
you'd think DWJ could be translated at least inot Spanish...

While I am thinking about it: could some kind soul who has Fire and
Hemlock fairly close at hand remind me as to the definition Polly
comes up with for being a hero at th end? I was trying to remember,
couldn't, and since my copy of F&H is two states away from me at the
moment, it's driving me nuts!

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