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Kale kaledann at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 17 20:55:08 EDT 2002

--- M Elizabeth Parks <meparks at mtholyoke.edu> wrote:
> I just resubscribed--following many email snafus
> resulting in my return
> from Scotland--and I wanted to say hi to everyone.

Welcome back ^_^

> Is anyone else buying DWJ books in other languages? 
> I think it's because
> I already have at least one copy of everything in
> English. . . I've now
> got Charmed Life in Italian (Vita Stregata) and my
> best friend (currently
> abroad in Japan) has instructions to find me DWJ
> books.

A friend picked up Howl's Moving Castle in Japanese
for me.  I plan on getting The Ninth Year of Magic
(Fire & Hemlock) one of these days.  *shakes head*  I
actually own three copies of Howl's Moving Castle: the
American edition with the really cartoonish cover, the
recent UK edition, and the Japanese edition.  And four
other DWJ titles.  This would be a good time to buy
them in English, but I dislike many of the new US
covers, so I'm trying to get the UK editions.  

BTW, does anyone have opinions on the DWJ audiobooks? 
I really loved the Wild Robert audiotape done by
Chivers.  I wish my library had more of them so I
could sample before I think of buying.

> Speaking of Japan/DWJ--is there any news on the Howl
> movie?

Did a quick Google search and noticed that Deborah now
has a page keeping up with news about the Howl movie. 


There have been rumors that the director quit the
project and now Miyazaki is directing the
movie...which probably means that it's going to be

And also, Dark Lord of Derkholm and Year of the
Griffin are going to be published by the end of the
year in Japan.  


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