Hi again ;)

Anna-Leena Pyykönen annaleena at nerina.org
Tue Sep 17 18:12:48 EDT 2002

> Is anyone else buying DWJ books in other languages?  

I *would* be buying them in Finnish, if they existed! Only four of 
them have been translated, and three of those have been published a 
decade ago. I'd love to buy her books in English too, if only I could 
get my hands on those. 

I used to love DWJ's books when I was younger and discovered them 
again this summer. When a quick internet search revealed the fact 
that she has written so much more than those few books I've been able 
to read I was astonished. I subscribed to this list a week or two ago 
and I've been lurking here hoping that some day I'll get to actually 
read the books you guys are talking about... 

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