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Sally Odgers sodgers at
Sun Sep 15 22:24:32 EDT 2002

> Hi, Sally! I don't know if I'm *the* Margaret Ball, but I did write
> Mathemagics - I didn't realize any copies had made it to Australia
> though! Are your books distributed in the US?

I bought some of the Chicks books in Galaxy Bookshop during a visit to
Sydney, Margaret, and having enjoyed your Reva Koneva (spelling her from
memory) I ordered Mathemagics via the net. Thanks - I was much entertained.
I love humour/fantasy that doesn't go over the top.

Some of my books are distributed through Amazon and B&N, but you've gotta
look for them by title or author - they never *volunteer* them in their
recommendations. (peeve, peeve).


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