Drowned Amminamit?

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> Here's a passage from Drowned Ammet, Mitt is
> trying on his bomb throwing outfit.
> <Milda was delighted. "Oh, you do look handsome!
> You look just like a merchant's son!"
>    Mitt looked in the little mirror, all prepared
> to agree. He felt very fine. And he had rather a
> shock. He looked very good, it was true. But
> there were things in his face one never saw in
> the smooth faces of wealthy boys -- lines which
> made it look old and shrewd. It was the knowing
> face of the poor city boys who ran about in the
> streets, fending for themselves. And yet -- this
> was the thing which shocked Mitt most -- it was a
> babyish face, too. Under the lines, there were
> empty curves, emptier than in any boy' face he
> had ever seen, and his eyes stared as round and
> wide as his baby sisters'..............."
> Dwj has captured something here. When I look at
> certain pictures of Eminem (most of them, unless
> he's wearing that silly mask) I'm very much
> reminded of this passage. It's true he's not as
> thin as Mitt (though his diet was probably no
> better), it's the bit about the empty curves and
> the eyes that does it I think.
> A while ago there was a somewhat fierce
> discussion about the merits of Mitt's character.
> I do like him. I rather like Eminem as well (and,
> how sad is this? I copied my tapes from my
> friend's little brother!). So, any correalation
> out there for a liking for both?!!

I dunno, I've always found Eminem a bit pathetic - he just goes on and on
about how contraversial he is and stopped being interesting ages ago.  But
I'm a huge Mitt fan.  The idea of Mitt being another Eminem if he'd grown up
in a different world unnerves me slightly.

ooh, shiny!

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