Drowned Amminamit?

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 14 14:45:04 EDT 2002

Here's a passage from Drowned Ammet, Mitt is
trying on his bomb throwing outfit.

<Milda was delighted. "Oh, you do look handsome!
You look just like a merchant's son!"
   Mitt looked in the little mirror, all prepared
to agree. He felt very fine. And he had rather a
shock. He looked very good, it was true. But
there were things in his face one never saw in
the smooth faces of wealthy boys -- lines which
made it look old and shrewd. It was the knowing
face of the poor city boys who ran about in the
streets, fending for themselves. And yet -- this
was the thing which shocked Mitt most -- it was a
babyish face, too. Under the lines, there were
empty curves, emptier than in any boy' face he
had ever seen, and his eyes stared as round and
wide as his baby sisters'..............."

Dwj has captured something here. When I look at
certain pictures of Eminem (most of them, unless
he's wearing that silly mask) I'm very much
reminded of this passage. It's true he's not as
thin as Mitt (though his diet was probably no
better), it's the bit about the empty curves and
the eyes that does it I think.

A while ago there was a somewhat fierce
discussion about the merits of Mitt's character.
I do like him. I rather like Eminem as well (and,
how sad is this? I copied my tapes from my
friend's little brother!). So, any correalation
out there for a liking for both?!!


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