Magicians of Caprona

Laurel lalamme at
Fri Sep 13 00:09:00 EDT 2002

I came across this livejournal entry the other day:

and wondered what the list might think of it.  I had never seen
MoC as overtly sterotypical before, but this post has made me
wonder.  Does anyone else read it this way?  Are there any
Italian DWJ readers who have commented on the portrayal of the
magical families, either onlist or elsewhere online?  Has this
already been discussed and I missed it?  (If so, I'm sorry.)

The livejournal writer also seems to feel that WW is the best of
the Chrestomanci novels.  I had not really seen them as a series,
although I understand they are being marketed that way.  Given
those four books, however, I would also probably say that WW has
the best set-up, although I think I prefer the character of
Christopher in LOCC to any of the WW students.  Or does ranking
the Chrestomanci books in this way only lead to ignoring their
individual merits?

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