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Nat Case ncase at
Thu Sep 12 11:59:57 EDT 2002

At 6:01 PM +1000 9/12/02, Kathleen Jennings wrote:
>Melissa wrote:
>>  also saw the US cover of the new _Fire and Hemlock_
>>  and had to run screaming for the hills, because Polly looks so intense I'm
>>  afraid she's going to come after me in my sleep.  I will say nothing about
>>  Tom.
>Oh no! I would never buy this book on the merits of the cover (and I've been
>known to do that). Probably not even on recommendation. It looks like ghosts
>and creaking doors and cheap ink on cheaper paper. Ugh.


Looks to me more like Laurel and Morton... Does Polly ever seem like 
the sort who would go for an old-fashioned collar like that? Or am I 
missing something?

Not that intense is bad. Among my favorite covers is the US hardcover 
to Margaret Mahy's Changevoer.

No, she just doesn't look like a teen-aged Polly. Tom I'm not so sure 
about; he's described as looking much older and somewhat drawn and 
washed out on their first meeting. It's just the wrong posed. He 
should be doing something like turning the urns or playing a cello or 
wrassling a horse or something...

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