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> [US edition of Deep Secret]
> >  You can take a look at the cover now at
> > 
> >
> I like the illustration, shame about the tagline.

I hadn't thought about it that way.  A bit kiddy.  I
know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you
do have certain expectations from the cover image.

A friend of mine purchased the new US edition of
_Hexwood_, which seems to have been packaged as a
fantasy novel.  She's baffled by the contents, having
bought it on the basis of the cover, which looks like

My reaction is that it is a very nice cover--it just
does *not* belong with this book in the sense that
anyone picking up this edition will be expecting a
rousing fantasy adventure with three young men on a
quest and be extraordinarily confused by Ann Stavely,
sick in bed, spying on her neighbor's activities.  I
might end up getting the UK edition because I like
that cover much more.

*snip Liaden Universe digression*

(who needs to catch up on the Liaden books)

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