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Wed Sep 11 06:08:35 EDT 2002

[US edition of Deep Secret]
>  You can take a look at the cover now at

I like the illustration, shame about the tagline.
I looked at the blurb for The Merlin Conspiracy on, and it
sounds interesting. 

OT- I cracked and bought I Dare (finale of the Liaden series) for ?9 on
Friday, read it and walked around with a smile all weekend. Very satisfying,
with a nice- not twist exactly, but ending that's slightly different to
expectations. (Though they do seem to have a slight case of
must-pair-everybody-up). Now I have to reread them all and wait impatiently
for Balance of Trade, next year.

I shouldn't buy it when it comes out, though. We've got too many books
already, the house is full of the things. I keep thinking of Komarr, where
somone's library is confiscated, and it's a small cupboard full of
book-cubes. If only...
Book Collecting - "The One Who Dies With The Most Books Wins" 
(Pat McMurray in _Obsessions #3_) 
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