Coraline and DWJ

Caleb W scalebw at
Sun Sep 8 13:35:24 EDT 2002

I almost bought it last week, but spent the time unsuccessfully looking for
some other books I want to read. If I see it still on special offer next
time I'm somewhere with decent bookshops, I might buy it. That or the handy
library ordering service...

I had a strange dream last night that was a kind of cross between "Stardust"
and "Neverwhere". I got caught by this strange girl who captured me with
something like the way the star was caught in "Stardust", who then took me
to the strange Under version of Maidenhead (town near London where my family
lives). It also involved me being attacked by a particularly viscous mouse,
or something! I also found a copy of "American Gods" in my dream in a
strange cottage belonging to a strange old woman, which I read and enjoyed
more that what I read of the real one before giving up. (It had too much
swearing and stuff for me to be able to enjoy it or get into it, so it made
a quick return to the library).

Caleb W.

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