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On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 07:16:47PM +0100, Caleb W wrote:
> I haven't really read e-books in particular, although I have read some
> longer, quite good, pieces of fan fiction, and also I've been reading "The
> Dying Days", a rare out-of-print, and very fun, Doctor Who book on the BBC
> website.

They have "Dying Days" on-line?  And it's rare and hard-to-get?  Gee,
I'll appreciate my copies of the Virgin NAs and MAs much better now.
Do they have any other novels there, or is Dying Days the only one?

Kathryn Andersen
Maybe we're not going to get out of this, Ace thought.  Come on Doctor:
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whatever it is this time?  Get your finger out, Doc.  I'm running out of
time, luck and ammunition.  Just one grenade left.
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