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Tue Sep 3 17:04:50 EDT 2002

on 28.8.2002 01:20, Kathryn Andersen at kat_lists at katspace.com wrote:
> There are actually a few questions buried in the "what do you think of
> e-books" question:
> 1) what do you think of e-book readers?

I've been reading e-books on my home computer in html, Acrobat Reader and
Acrobat ebookreader format. I think html has been the best because I can
control the format (size, font) of the text, but Acrobat ebook reader has
come near this.

I have read stuff from short stories to novels to anthologies on the screen.
Actually, I like buying some stuff in e-books format in order not to crowd
my bookshelves too much ;-).

The most important thing for me has been that the font is large enough that
I can keep on reading it on the computer screen (*at least* Times 18,
preferably even larger).

I'm not saying any of the abovementioned readers are perfect - all of them
have things that could be done better, but none of them has been abominably

> 2) what do you think of reading on a computer screen?

Hasn't been a problem this far (I don't even own any handheld device, so
this is the only option). I have read entire novels (actually several of
them) from the screen. You have to have enough breaks and have a comfortable
chair to read, especially if you're reading longer works.

Still, I agree this is not the best way to read e-books. I would prefer the
have a smaller device to read from, one that would be easily accessible,
easy to hold in hand and easily readable on the screen. You notice the
overabundance of the word easy, don't you? =)

> 3) what do you think of the selling of encrypted e-books?

I accept it if it's the only way some publishers will have their works
become available electronically. And I have to admit that I have bought
several encrypted e-books.

> 4) what do you think of non-encrypted e-books?

A  *very good thing*! For example, I like the fact that Fictionwise has been
offering lots of stories that are on the short list for some award for free
(for example, the Hugos). Non-encrypted e-books also have the option of
being available in several different formats which is a great, because many
people have different software and/or hardware for reading e-books.


p.s. Congratulations to Becca (and to Hallie) for your work. I will soon be
buying it, because I'm curious enough to read it (and it sounded like fun

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