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In Sandman (by Neil Gaiman, in the unlikely event that anyone does not
know), there is Fiddlers Green, who is a place in the dreamworld, but
becomes a person when Morpheus goes missing, and has a significant part in
the Doll's House storyline, as well as cropping up in other related comics
later. I am not elaborating to keep this spoiler-free. Anyway, not exactly a
ghost, but...
And if the ghost train qualifies, then what about the Flying Dutchman's
ship - or is that a prop, not an entity?
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> Extension on my thesis! And a thesis-related question for the list::
> Does anyone know of any inanimate or at least, non-living objects which
> return as ghosts in children's literature (or indeed, in any other
> literature) - not as adjuncts/props to ghostly action (e.g. one might see
> phantom coach pull up and ghosts get out of it) but as a ghost in its own
> right. Off the top of my head, I can't come up with any other than the
> well-known figure of the ghost-train. Ideas?
> Thanks,
> Kathleen.
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