Anita Graham amgraham at
Thu Oct 31 07:47:27 EST 2002

> Extension on my thesis! And a thesis-related question for the list::
> Does anyone know of any inanimate or at least, non-living objects which
> return as ghosts in children's literature (or indeed, in any other
> literature) - not as adjuncts/props to ghostly action (e.g. one
> might see a
> phantom coach pull up and ghosts get out of it) but as a ghost in its own
> right. Off the top of my head, I can't come up with any other than the
> well-known figure of the ghost-train. Ideas?

There's another ghostly garden in ... what is the book ... I think it's
called Juniper Tree.
Google has failed me - it keeps returning Grimms Fairytales with a story
about a Juniper Tree.

The book I'm thinking of is children's fiction, a 11-12 yo girl - named or
nicknamed Juniper, I think, and a librarian who is really magical. And a
ghostly garden.

I'll try and find it.


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