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At 08:25 PM 10/30/2002 -0800, Jon Noble wrote (in response
to Sharyn November's query:

>The range looks good, I don't think there is a single
>book I've read although most of the authors are one I
>like and would buy. I also liked the covers - they'd
>at least make me look at the book. As for possible
>titles, a few that occured seem, on checking, to be in
>print, or recently so. However (and this is why I
>posted to the list) there was a book (or two books
>rather) mentioned on the list earlier this year. I
>think someone said Neil Gaiman mentioned it on his
>website, Sally (I think) had read it and I checked the
>Library of Congress records, dates from the late '60s
>early '70s. Anyway, whatever those books were, I'd
>suggest them for inclusion.

That would've been me.  I'm sorry, I don't think I ever thanked you
for looking it up for me.  Thanks.

The author is Victoria Walker, author of _The House Called Hadlows_
and _Winter Enchantment_.  He reviewed _House and Victoria Walker's
writing in his October 19th post (www.neilgaiman.com/journal/journal.asp)
and tells us what he *does* know about her.   I'd like to read these books
some day, but I'm not willing to pay $300 for the privilege.  (I wonder if he
did?)  I really need to get a reference librarian on my side and arrange
an interlibrary loan.

(who is getting the _Charmed Life_ audiobook from the library tomorrow)

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