Superman turning back time

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OK. We have trouble with this, but we don't have trouble with Superman 
flying in the first place? Or using his own body as a railroad track?

Lots of things happen in Superhero (and other SF) movies and books and 
comics that aren't physically possible.

The science (or lack thereof) of this was overridden, for me, by the 
power of emotion behind the whole sequence. Superman saved so many 
lives that day, but the one life he couldn't save was the life of the 
woman he loved (who died a horrible death I had nightmares about for 
weeks afterwards!). And he decides to fix it. And this is the moment, 
too, I think when he finally becomes the hero he will be for the rest 
of his life. When he turns his back on Jor-El's "don't get involved."

I thought it was powerful. Didn't bug me.

just my humble opinion

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